Excerpt from ‘Slick, Furry, Lush, Line’
Nikki Moore


Through June 1, 2006

And speaking of unparalleled, JeongMee Yoon's work for Studio 107 is a disquieting group of photographs featuring children and their collections. Far from the nostalgic and seemingly archaic bug collections and baseball card sets one might think of when pairing kids and their passions, Yoon's photographs, including Yehyun and her pink things, (2006) and Yae Chan and his blue things, (2006) are explorations of the color-coded and primarily plastic preoccupations of children seemingly too young to own so much. While child directed marketing agencies would surely see these photos as a victory for their team, the full collection of Yoon's work, including 20 images of children nearly lost amongst their own painfully gender coded gear is startling. The intersection of color and content in these images unveils a cultural pattern that is not easy to dismiss.