The Stars and Stripes
Yoon, JeongMee


I moved to New York one and half years ago from South Korea. When I hang around streets in New York, I surprised of the spreading of the Stars and Stripes everywhere. For example, using of the Stars and Stripes
stickers, small flags for car, ornaments, curtains on window and even large banners that hang on outside walls of houses.
Koreans do not use the National Flag, Taegukki as people do in the United States. Koreans just use the National flag for the national memorial day in front of their houses, and the Taegukki is hung just in front of public buildings every day.

The Stars and Stripes is a concrete visual symbol to bind this nation to its' American people. Because, America has had a relatively short history, and consists of various ethnic groups. It is necessary to use a bounding symbolic object. In America, the vocabulary of patriotism is pervasive term in media, and The Stars and Stripes wrapped the whole America after 9.11.

America's patriotism is strengthened in mundane daily life as intense ideology of America Nationalism - this is actually ‘Americanism' which is a special ideology. This Pax Americana is not revealed on the surface,
but it is revealed to intensity of hegemony in a grand frame like National History. Therefore, a using of The Stars and the Stripes inspires patriotism in American, but all the same, that is Americanism to others. The ideology spreading at the roots of patriotism is ‘God Bless America'.