Zoo: Statement 2
Yoon, JeongMee


People made values, rules, systems, ideologies and so on, in order to live comfortably and to reach an ideal world. But those things restrained us from freely living, and aroused the excluding. Unfortunately they were increasingly aggravating the alienation. Many people are supposed to have experienced the inconsistent and unreasonable situations in the world. The animals in the Zoo are in the same conditions as us. They need to live a natural and unreserved life in nature. But we put them behind the bars, so that they lose their inherent haracters. I didn`t supposed they lived a true life. Just on that point I started the series of the zoological photos. In my early works, I revolved on the simple idea, but more I took the At last, I asked myself anew what on earth the Zoo is.

This question had me think about what the Zoo presented and hid, that is to say issues of visibility and invisibility. We can see the animals and confirm their names to which we are accustomed in the photos of illustrations of the fairly tails. At the Zoo, we recognize the similarity between the human and animals of discover the differences between them and us. And sometimes, we have a sense of our own superiority to them, even so being ignorant of it. The Zoo is like those of the House of trees and plants, Museums, galleries, Libraries and so forth at the role and the function. All of them belong to the institutions of reproducing the fixed ideologies of the established societies.

In the Zoo, some animals are locked in the cage and lose their inherence, others are under the care, because they are injured. All of them don`t have the power to change their situations, so that they are thrown in back of the
bars and remains in the artificial space of the Zoo. And besides they don`t know that the artificial space of the Zoo is the fake circumstances. They remind me of the contemporaries who uncritically accept the present systems
and are increasingly insensible to the simulative life.

And I observed the mechanism that the spatial disposition of the Zoo arouses. The history of the Zoo says only sight could dominate and control the placement of the cages. By the way I recognize that the placement of the
cages in the Zoo is homologous to that of the prison. This relation is closely associated with our society, Being blind to the fact that we are under the control of something or someone.

To embossing such ideas in the photos of the Zoo, I have tried to demonstrate the deserted Zoo and the wounded animals. I have maximized the artificial empty space of the cage or closed up the hurt animals, which remind me of the staggering contemporaries.