Zoo: Statement 1
Yoon, JeongMee


Through photographing animals and enclosures in zoos I try to compare the social structure and classification of zoos to those of human's in this dreary society. Animals in zoos are rather surviving while they have forgotten their own animal instinct because they are kept in this apparatus which human devised for the educational purpose like botanical gardens, art museums, natural history museum, and libraries. Though men created various customs, institutions and ideologies for their ideal lives, it is ourselves that are restricted from the system we create. I see contemporaries who are under the fine network of state's subtle surveillance system adjusting themselves without notice when I watch these wild animals used-to-be. Now they are the animals that lost their
animal instinct, animals have no control over their own lives, and animals living in the environment without knowing if they are in the real nature or in an artificial environment.

I used hasselbrad camera and Tri-X film. All prints are selenium toned gelatin silver prints.